International solidarity with the Egytian revolution

Statement from organisations present at the NPA congress (12 February 2011)

The overthrow of Ben Ali and Mubarak change the political situation not only in the Maghreb but on the international scale.

Popular revolutions which have put an end to dictatorships supported for decades by US and European imperialisms are giving back confidence to all the Arab peoples and strike a devastating blow to the imperialist and Zionist order in the region.

Jordanian, Yemenite, Iraqi, Algerian and Palestinian populations have already taken to the street to demand political changes.

These revolutions are the direct impact of the international economic crisis and of the diktats of the IMF and the World Bank which impose a radical social offensive and the impoverishment of populations already suffering from decades of policies of social injustice and corruption.

These two revolutions open the way not only to democratic demands to break with the dictatorships, but also to the questioning of capitalist economic systems which are the cause of so much injustice. Social issues were at the source of the popular insurrections.

Imperialism is going to do everything to safeguard its positions in the region and stop the anti-imperialist development of processes at work and their propagating in the region.

This means that the Tunisian and Egyptian peoples, the forces which want to open a anti-imperialist and socialist road in those countries, need the solidarity and the active support of revolutionaries of anti-imperialist movements, of social and trade-union movements of the whole world. We are committing ourselves, each and everyone of us, in our countries, our regions, to developing this solidarity especially in order to fight against the attacks which international institutions and capitalist groups are already wreaking in order to stop any social and economic furthering of these emerging revolutions, and to using this magnificent example to stimulate the mobilisations against the debt and the demands of the IMF.

Long live the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions !

International solidarity !

Nota :Social Movements Assembly in Dakar’ WSF launched an appeal for a worldwide day of demonstrations on March 20th


Tunisia : Ligue de la Gauche Ouvrière Tunisienne
Iraq : Irak Freedom Congres
Union of communists-Irak
Britain : Socialist Workers Party
Belgium : LCR/SAP
Portugal : Bloco de Esquerda
Corsica : A Manca
Italy : Sinistra Crítica
Spain: Izquierda Anticapitalista,
En Lucha
Catalonia : En Lluita
Basque : Askapena
Ireland : Socialist Workers Party
Poland : P.P.P.
Greece : SEK,
France : NPA
Canada : Socialist caucus of the New Democratic Party
Mexico : P.R.T.
Martinique : G.R.S.
Venezuela : Marea Socialista
Brasil : PSOL
Argentina : MST
Péru : P.R.T.
Indonésia : KPRM-PRD
Working People Association
Sri Lanka : NSSP
South Korea : New Progressive Party
Institute of the 21th Century Korean Research
KDLP. Paris Comitee
Australia : Socialist Alliance
La Réunion : NPAR
Switzerland : MPS

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